Welcome to Community Welfare Organization

Introduction :
Beginning with the name of Almighty Allah, who is kind, Beneficent and Merciful. He is so great that He visualises all the deeds of the human beings. This Organization was established on 3rd Shaban, 1423 A.H. in commemoration with the Birth Aniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain(A.S) starting with such a day will boost our morale to be like Imam Hussain(A.S).

Aim’s & Object’s :
The basic aim and object of this Organization is to provide a platform to all the community members specially for youth of the community where they can freely present various positive programmes for the community. Simultaneously gathering the community and to provide them social, welfare, religious and entertainment activities.
We have alwayssought to present such programmes which are immensely required by the community and which have no contradiction to religion and the Society.

CWO presents this Annual preformance & service report with true confidence, pleasure and pride.

CWO looks forward to your continued encourgements, support and hearty generous cooperation.